More events will be added throughout the hackathon!


10:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

10:45 AM

Team Building

11:00 AM

Hacking Begins

11:00 AM

MS Paint Competition Starts

4:00 PM

Computational Thinking Workshop

5:00 PM

Asterisk - NFT art Competition

6:00 PM

Pictionary Mini-event

7:00 PM

Website Building Workshop

9:00 PM

Asterisk - Minecraft Pixel-art Competition

10:00 PM

Kahoot Mini-event


1:00 AM

Talent Show

2:30 AM

Gaming Tournament (Games TBD)

7:00 AM

Project Help Hour

9:45 AM

MS Paint Competition Submissions Due!

10:00 AM

Finalize DevPost Submissions

11:00 AM

Hacking Ends - DevPost Submission Deadline!

12:00 PM

Closing Ceremony